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Emergency Water Clean Up?

If you’re having an emergency there are plenty of 24-emergency contractors available in your area. Pick the one with “24/7” next to their name if this an emergency or outside of working hours. Call them now!

If it is not an emergency you can first assets the category of your and if it’s safe to remain near the flooded area. This is not necessary as the specialust will know what to do if you call them, but handy thing to know if you want to savage anything quickly.

Water Damage Categories

The main 3 categories for classification of the flood damage and need for repairs as well as restoration.

  1. The first category is the safest and cleanest type of flooding. This category can include a burst pipe i the house, overflown sink, and the area where the water did not come into contact with toxins.
  2. The second category includes possible contamination in the water, especially standing water. This can be bathtub, sink or toilet backup, without feces. Discharge water from dishwasher or washing machine and etc. While this type of water loss is not always dangeous you should be careful when handling, wear protective gear, or let the professionals handle it. Childten and pets should be kept away from category 2 water.
  3. The third category includes water contaminated water with toxins or other harmful agents. It includees, toiletbackflow from outside, seawater, ground water, running rain water or other weatehr related flooding. Third category watwer loss should be handled by professionals even if there is no visible conamiantion or foul smell present.

The above categories are not set in stone, but a good reference to know when calling a specialist or deciding the level of danger when handling such water loss.

What does a water damage restoration company do?

Restoration contractor or company includes such services:

  • removing or moving away items that are at risk of further water damage
  • disposing of items that are beyond saving
  • clearning the area of anything else in the way
  • removal of standing water
  • using ait scrubbers and industrial dehumidifiers to dry the affected area
  • properly cleaning and disinfecting the area with an antibacterial wash.
  • making sure the area is safe to live in again
  • repairing and reconstructing the area
  • creating a plan to prevent future water damage
  • moving and placing everything back at its original place.

As you can see these companies take care of everything when it comes to flooding and water damage. This way you can relax and go about your business knowing that you’re in good hands.

Water Damage Restoration Near Me

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